---01 Dic 2017

And here we are in December 2017!! we are proud us to have arrived, after the storm of almost a year ago it did not take long to continue this adventure, find the right people and men who find less trust in the managers and party organizers, instead it went all to great ane the Mother Ship could resume flying better than before with regard to quality! The results will come with time, when so many other people will realize that it is worthwhile to trust us for a fantastic evening at Led Zeppelin! We wish everyone good parties and a fantastic 2018! If you want to come and visit us, we will play 3 times this month. 2 at Teatro Caruso - Papozze(Ro), 14 at Fabbrica di Pedavena - Mirano (Ve), and 30 at Civico8 in Piove di Sacco(Pd), so we do the Christmas greeting in person!

---12 Sep 2017

Our summer ended in the best way!

On September 6 there was the first of a series of future concerts in Germany, in Sindelfingen. Overcoming Italian borders for the first time and

feeling the warmth of the German audience was an incredible emotion! Thanks to all the organizers, to Brigitte for believing in us, to all

new German friends and to thoe who support us with affection at every turn! The Mothership flies high in th eEuropean Sky!

---25 Jul 2017

Beautiful summer for Mothership on 2017! We will remember it as the summer of rebirth and confirmation, thanks to the organizers of the festivals of Valdagno (Vi), Codogno (Lo) and Fratte (PD) who believed in us and supported us for marvelous evenings now Break in August to find the energies, then leave September in Germany with the Sindelfingen Rockt festival on September 6th, we look forward to the hour!

---06 Jun 2017

Here we are ready to face the summer, Mother Ship is now flying again, with new and old friends, we always look forward and we are starting and putting new songs into setlist, new situations and new adventures! We thank all those who supported us to share, the new comrades found fortunately and the festivals and the organizers who gave us confidence (repayed :-)) This month we wrote with the great party of Pegorock (Mn) Saturday 3 and it was fantastic!! Then return to Padua Thursday 8th June at Brugine SummerFest, then the Civic8 summer in Piove di Sacco on Saturday 17th for a return home, then home again but this time at Ferrara at LadyBurgerFest on June 30th! In short, we often feel at home !! We are looking forward to Rock and Led Zeppelin!. 

---04 Maj 2017

We continue the beautiful evenings where we find the warmth of the people of all time and new admirers who fill our hearts !!! We keep step by step and soon we will go higher than before! The projects are so many and all beautiful! We thank the friends who followed us in Rovigo and Vicenza in April and we make an appointment in Treviso at The Wishing Wells on the 19th and the first holiday of the season that will be at SantaLucia di Piave (TV) on May 27th. 

---06 Apr 2017

Spring has begun, the ice slowly melt and prepare in the heat of our summer. It will be a 'summer with many fine concerts and many confirmations for Mothership! For now the 'appointment is in Villaganzerla (Vi) to the Sports Bar by Chiara Stones to remove some bad memories and even share a time, Saturday, April 8. Then later this month in Rovigo to Baruffa Cafe, Saturday, April 28! Meanwhile, the share of Mothership historical projects, such as' unplugged, which will be much more polished and prepared than before. Visit us !! we have so many nice surprises !!


---27 Feb 2017

The Mothership is shared !! The first flight is always the first flight, with all the tension that entails, but in Cordenons last Saturday was all spectacular !! We thank all those who came to watch the first date with the new line, and to all the friends who have helped us and sostennuto in this period! We are overjoyed and more ready than ever !! Next event at the historic Teatro Caruso Papozze (RO) Saturday, March 4. We are waiting to rock out together !!

Mothership2017. We are ready to start again with the same passion and humility than before! Exactly a month after the fall of the mother ship, after a fall it is important to start to get up camminnare, run, then fly. And the mother ship is ready to get back in flight! With Serena, Stefano, Titty, Monica, Sam, Geppo, Uncle Roby, Luca, Julian, Elena, to fellow musicians and to all the premises and especially to all those who have lobbied to keep going! So here is a first breath of the band! We hope there will be others piaccia..Ce very soon !! We give you next live !!: //


Next Concert:


17 Nov - unplugged CONAMARA Padova

02 Dic - Teatro Caruso - Papozze (RO)

14 Dic - Fabbrica di Pedavena - Mira (VE)

30 Dic - Civico8 - Piove di Sacco (Pd)

"If the sun refused to shine,

I would still be loving you.

When mountains crumble to the sea,

there will still be you and me."


"Se il sole si rifiutasse di splendere,

io ti amerei comunque.

Quando le montagne crolleranno nel mare,

io e te ci saremo ancora."